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Hot Cold Trivia


Check your knowledge and learn lots of new interesting facts in our exciting quiz! • The unique implementation of your favourite game's mechanics • Over 500 challenging questions covering a vast number of topics. New levels are coming soon!HOW TO PLAYGuess the location of a pin in the picture! The closer you are to the correct answer, the higher will be the temperature on the thermometer of Roger Krabs. Watch the pin colours.If you put your pin and it turned out to be blue - you are way too far from the target.If the pin is yellow - you're getting closer to the correct answer.Orange colour means you get even closer.Red - you are almost there!Reach 100% temperature and guess the correct answer!
THE GAME IS AVAILABLE IN 7 LANGUAGES!You can play in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian or Portuguese.
Over 5 million social networkers highly appreciated our unique questions. Now the game is available on your mobile device! Play with your friends! Play with your children - they will surely enjoy our great graphics and enlarge their knowledge!